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The whispers of summer. My dear friend.

Why would you leave me, after all the times we've spent together?

I'm hurt, I must admit. Why must your warmth depart?

Why must you slip away so quietly. As if you were dying.

This slow decay, this loss of life... why?

I miss you.

We'll say goodbye... granted, it's only for now.

I'll see you soon.

When the earth has thawed and the sun is shining.





The whisper of spring on the curtails of winter. 

Not snow. Not dew. 


The welcome of a morning, the goodbye of a chill night. 

Not dark. Not light. 


P.S. Thanks to Adelaide's hand for being a model. Such fingernails. 


and the light.

the light is so strange.
and then it's gone. 
and you realize it is the most beautiful thing, 
as it tips over the horizon

bursting at the seams with beautiful secrets.
with beautiful peace. 
you are the only one in a world of millions 
who is seeing this right now

Welcoming gold. 
brazen purple. 
shy orange.

and the sun tips up 
over the horizon
and the sun slides down
behind the mountain
and you smile. 



Welcome, Welcome (in the words of the Master of Laketown)

Hola! I'm Dally from over at Saige's Locket, an American Girl Doll blog I've had for about two years now. As much as I love dolls and sewing clothes as them, one of my favorite things is taking photos. Obviously on the doll blog I can only post photos of dolls, though, so I've created this blog to show you my photographs! I'll try to be artsy and tumblr and stuff but it will probably just end up being lame.

Anyways, let's get started with this! Here are some winter bird pictures I took this afternoon!

Yeah I like chickadees. XD